Medical/Lab Specimen Delivery with Eveready Express

Our courier messenger service team is well accustomed to top priority, speedy deliveries. That’s why our medical delivery service is highly trusted among doctors and lab workers in the tristate area.

We fully understand the importance of timeliness when it comes to the donation of both medical documents and organic materials such as transplant organs. But we also understand that quality can’t be sacrificed for speed, or vice versa. We are stocked with temperature control equipment, puncture-proof containers, dry ice, and vehicles that won’t jostle the goods, so to speak, over the (maximum) 100 mile trip. Additionally, our medical delivery staff is trained in and tested on OSHA requirements and regulations. We guarantee that our staff members will take the utmost care of these sensitive deliveries and ensure that the entire operation goes through without a hitch.

In short, we can guarantee that this will never happen when you ship with Eveready Express: