Scheduled Service / Route Service

Why Maintain Your Own Fleet? Let Eveready Customize A Route For Your Needs and Realize considerable savings by utilizing our fleet of Vans, Autos, and/or Trucks.

For your shipments of:
• Daily Mail Pickup to or from your Post Office
• Interoffice Mail to or from Vendors, Clients, Branch Offices
• Documents/ Parcels
• Cartons/ Cases
• Palletized Freight
• Floor Loads

Benefits to You:
• You only pay for the service you use
• No Vehicle or Driver Down Time
• Focus on YOUR Business
• Immediate Delivery Confirmation
• Uniformed Courteous Drivers
• Online Tracking & Reporting
• Performance Guaranteed
• Special Services available

If your business requires daily deliveries to different points at a specific time, we’ll be glad to assemble a quote for your review.

Depending on your time requirements, a route arrangement could provide you with the lowest available cost per delivery.
Fleet Vehicles include:
• Hatchback Autos / pickup trucks
• Cargo vans / minivans
• Cube Trucks / 20′-24′-26’ Straight Trucks
• Tractor Trailers

Need a Quote? Need Information? For Immediate Service call 973-928-8998