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Stress Busters That Work

There’s plenty of research that indicates stress undermines our general wellness and is a contributing factor in many health conditions. Many people, unfortunately, try to overcome their life stressors with minimal success. For every individual, it is important to find ways to minimize stress.
These days feeling stressed is something of the norm. We’re concerned about politics, our health and safety, work, family issues, all of which occupy our mind during days that seem not to have enough hours. All of it together is enough to make us, well, stressed.

There’s plenty of research that indicates stress undermines our general wellness and is a contributing factor in many health conditions. Many people, unfortunately, try to overcome their life stressors with minimal success. For every individual, it is important to find ways to minimize stress.

Here are three stress busters that may be utilized whenever you begin to feel tense:

Change your mindset to focus on the good
It’s easy to focus on the negative things in life. How about the “good things”? To reduce stress we should reflect upon things that make us feel grateful. Instead of harping on the bad, flip a switch in your mind and think about what’s right in your life at this very moment. Despite the negative, there should always be something, perhaps small, about which you can express gratitude. Here’s an example: Since I live in New Jersey I often suffer through terrible traffic. It used to make me feel stressed but now I think about how lucky I am to own a car, to be warm (in winter) and cooled by air conditioning (in summer), and how much I enjoy the music and podcasts that I listen to.

Think about what is causing the stress
What is causing your stress? Is it something you can change or modify somewhat? Many people allow themselves to be stressed by circumstances that are entirely in their control. Stressed about getting to work late? Wake up and leave your home earlier. Stressed about your fight with a loved one? Address it directly. If your situation is causing you long-term stress, the only person who can change the situation immediately is you. The good news is that sometimes taking the smallest of actions will help to ease the tension and feeling of helplessness.

Take a walk, meditate, and get a change of perspective
While exercise is shown to help eliminate stress, it isn’t always possible to hit the stair master or weights. An effective alternative to the gym is to take a walk and remove yourself from the stress-inducing situation. If leaving the environment isn’t possible, take a few minutes to meditate. There are many meditation apps that make this an easy and effective stress buster. The key is to clear your mind and put your stress into perspective.

Stress can have serious consequences. If you find that your stress is impossible to control regardless of what you do it might be time to be more aggressive about getting help and seeing your way clear to a more stress-free life.

One other fantastic way to eliminate, or at least reduce, stress at work is to call Eveready Express for all your Courier and Delivery needs. We’re taskmasters with a full suite of courier and trucking services to help you control costs and solve your transportation challenges. Just give us a call at 973-928-8998 or use our convenient Contact form and we’ll take care of the rest!

Best Practices for Effective Time Management

With the ringing of the New Year comes a new round of resolutions to keep (or break!) over the next 12 months. Most people tend to stick with resolutions of change or improvement in their lives. Get more exercise. Eat less junk food. Spend more time with family. Find a creative hobby. Sure, these are simple and straightforward, because who wouldn’t want to be stronger, healthier, more loving, and better rounded?

The truth is that Time Management requires both a firm commitment and an understanding of how to achieve your goals. You must be dedicated and focused on a clear action plan. You can trust that Eveready Express is this way every day.

I wish it were that easy!

The truth is that resolutions, as honest and personal as they may be, require both a firm commitment and an understanding of how to achieve them. You must be dedicated to the resolution and focused on a clear action plan. Lacking either you will be sorely disappointed.

How about a resolution to improve your time management skills? Another worthy resolution, to be sure, but one also requiring a good amount of self-control and self-evaluation.

If being a more proficient time manager is your 2018 resolution, here are 3 tips you can put to work immediately to help you towards that goal:

Take control of your technology; take control of your life.
Technology can be a blessing and a curse. It is convenient and speedy and allows you instant communication with just about anyone in the world. However it is an incessant, omnipresent interruption in our lives, and sadly commands too much of our attention each day. To be a better time manager, technology use in any form must be controlled or else you risk exhausting excessive mental bandwidth on it. One preferred solution is to carve out blocks of your day when email is off, devices are in drawers, and energies are devoted to “other things.” Having these defined periods of concentration without the constant pings and vibrations will seemingly give you additional time to accomplish tasks that once forced you to stay late at the office or miss important events.

Too much going on? Just say NO!
People who have difficulty managing their time are typically those who take on more than they can handle. For example, at work, they agree to every new project and sign off on every task, while at home they try to cook dinner, mow the lawn, and clean the attic all in one day. When it comes to being able to tackle all of life’s important tasks, effective time management necessitates an awareness of the word no, especially when there are negative consequences of saying yes. Ask yourself: Am I able to execute the task, or will it be a burden on an already overloaded calendar? If you find yourself unable to concentrate on a task because of so much else to do, you must learn to say no!

Make yourself a deadline and stick to it
Most people will work really hard to meet a deadline if they know one is looming. Of course in life, there are people who regularly shirk deadlines, and that reflects poorly on their time management and devotion to the task-at-hand. You never want to be the person known for missing deadlines. To be a more effective time manager, do not ignore the deadlines in front of you. Be realistic about what you can complete in the time allotted. Be forgiving if you find yourself struggling at first. Sometimes it takes a hard lesson to know that deadlines are just not to be ignored.

Though we all get the same 24-hour day, some people seem to accomplish more than others. Mastering the art of time management can reduce stress, enhance relationships, improve productivity and provide for increased success in whatever you do.

You may delay but time will not.
……Benjamin Franklin

Courier Service: Package Transport with the Eveready Extra Touch

On the surface, a courier service can feel very similar to an ordinary mail carrier. After all, both couriers and regular mail services perform the same primary function: delivery of mail and packages. Yet the difference becomes clear when a slightly closer look is taken. Traditional mail is broad and available for public use, anyone can put a stamp on a letter and drop it off in the mailbox, but couriers are a specialized service and more personal service. Couriers, such as the ones that Eveready Express uses, focus on important factors such as communication, speed, and security, things which are not likely to be available with regular postal services. In this way, a courier can improve the quality of life, by offering peace of mind.

Of course, not everyone has had first-hand experience using a courier or messenger service, but we have all had to rely on the post office at some point. We all have likely experience the feeling of dread when dropping off a package with a mail carrier or at the post office and wonder if our precious package will make arrive at its destination on time or if the handwritten “Fragile” note that had been scribbled on each side of the box will be even glanced at. The sad fact is that same postal worker you hand over your parcel or letter to will not be the same person to deliver said package and likely won’t be able to communicate your concerns to the next person down the line.

This heart-breaking scene is one that can easily be avoided when using a personalized messenger service with companies such as Eveready. It’s easier to communicate your package’s importance when you speak directly to the same hands that will see it to the destination. It’s even possible to have a dedicated driver through Eveready which can help to create a sense of trust with the person you work with. Furthermore, for those residing in the New Jersey area, Eveready can offer special services to ensure safety for delicate packages such as blanket wrapping or even strapping down when possible.

Time, of course, is always a huge factor and that is where courier services can truly shine through. There are times when time-sensitive documents need to be delivered right away and for those times the postal office will often fall short. Next day delivery can be applied, but same day is not a service you can find outside of private messengers. For example, Eveready, being a seasoned shipping company, can pick-up a parcel by noon and deliver it the same day by 5:00 PM within the Tri-State area. Rush services can also be offered, and packages can be picked up and delivered to their destination within two or three hours so long as the road conditions are agreeable.

Of course, making the switch to a courier is one that works best for businesses, big and small. An individual person will likely not need to have such a specialized service, but for those running an established company or starting a new business venture having the security of knowing their documents and packages are given top priority for rush delivery can make offer a great deal of peace of mind.

Our Delivery Drivers Make a Good Impression

President Industrial Products, LLC - Shipping SuppliesHow do we know that our drivers are doing a great job and making a good impression?
That’s easy. I’d like to share with you an example of how great service translated into growing our business.

Last year a client contacted us to begin making deliveries to President Industrial Products, LLC. They are a division of the President Container Group. President Container Group provides corrugated packaging, point-of-purchase displays, and industrial supplies. In fact, they are one of the largest manufacturers of Corrugated Shipping Containers and Point of Purchase Displays in North America.

Delivery after delivery, our consistent on-time service caught their attention. President Industrial Products (PIP) reached out to us and decided to give us a try in May 2015. As it happened, they were growing and needed additional trucks and drivers immediately to meet growing demands for their products.

Since we had been delivering to their facility regularly for one of our other customers, their shipping management knew us and had a positive experience with our drivers and our service.
Starting right out of the gate, or off the dock, President Industrial needed 4 trucks immediately. So, we did what we do best and activated back up drivers, made adjustments to our scheduling, and had 4 trucks for President Industrial that same morning. Sometimes I think my team is a group of magicians who make trucks and drivers appear.
Impressive right? One call and Eveready delivered! President Industrial was impressed enough with Eveready’s service that they continued to order trucks and we continued to provide up to 6 trucks daily. President Industrial and their customers benefited from our fast responsive service throughout the summer. Continue reading Our Delivery Drivers Make a Good Impression

Expedited Trucking and Courier Vehicles Rely on Excellent Maintenance

38605692_mWhen it comes to meeting our customers’ demands and needs we need to get on the road and sometimes that means driving in harsh conditions. We rely on our vehicles to keep our drivers safe and to get the job done. This requires that we keep all vehicles in tip-top shape with excellent maintenance routines at all times.

Summer and Winter are radically different in temperature and travel conditions, and each season requires different maintenance routines for our trucks and vehicles. As we prepared for this winter, we thought we would share with you some ideas to keep you safe on the road this winter no matter what may come.

While we are only too happy to offer some tips, we strongly recommend that before servicing your car yourself that you first check your owner’s manual as not all vehicles are the same. And we also recommend that you schedule an appointment at your dealership where they are familiar with your make and model to winterize your vehicles. Our maintenance suggestions are general recommendations and may not be right for your particular vehicle. Continue reading Expedited Trucking and Courier Vehicles Rely on Excellent Maintenance

No Certificate of Insurance = No Delivery!

certificate-of-insurance-delivery-nycNothing can mess up your schedule and your budget like having the delivery driver show up and be forced to sit and wait outside while a certificate is obtained, or turned away all together and left to return on another day.

Did you know that many of New York’s commercial and residential buildings require that a Certificate of Insurance (COI) be on file with the building or property manager before a delivery can be made? That’s a fact of business life in the delivery business in New York City and surrounding area.

A building or property manager wants verification that there is coverage for any damage caused during a delivery. Typically, it’s only necessary for properties that share common areas like a lobby or elevator.

If you are planning to have goods or equipment picked up or delivered, check with the building management at both locations to find out if they require a COI. If so, be sure to notify your delivery company so they can have one prepared and presented to building management ahead of the scheduled date.

We have picked up and delivered to so many buildings in the New York City area that chances are that we probably already have a COI on file. In the instance where we may not have a COI, we have a quick remedy working with one of the industry’s best insurance companies that specializes in working with companies like ours, so we can typically turn around a COI on the same day or by the next business day.

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

A Certificate of Insurance is Purely Informational and is not intended to confer any rights on either the policyholder or the certificate holder. A Certificate of Insurance should list the pertinent coverage terms as they appear in the actual policy.

The New York State Insurance Department has expressly advised insurers that: Continue reading No Certificate of Insurance = No Delivery!

Uninterrupted Delivery Service – Even With No Phones or Power

Dispatch System in the CloudThursday, February 19th, 2015, there we were, Customer Service, Dispatch, Accounts and Sales, ready for another day at the office. But this wasn’t going to be another routine day. We lost power in our building, so we had no lights, no computers, no Internet, no phone system and no coffee machine. The first reaction is usually a whirlwind of emotions from confusion to frustration, but thankfully we are a great team and everyone jumped right in to tackle the problem from different angles.
  • Find out who is working on the problem and if it will it be corrected immediately?
  • Calling building management and utilities company for status updates.
  • Find nearest location with Wi-Fi access where we can immediately convene to maintain continuity of our operation.
  • Find alternative temporary office space in case the situation does not resolve quickly.
  • Call drivers and other resources to let them know what is going on, and instruct them to use alternate phone numbers to stay in communication.
  • Call key clients to let them know what is going on and offer alternate phone numbers to stay in communication.

A Vehicle For Every Need

Preparation is the key to success on any front. Eveready Express comes prepared to every job with the right vehicle for your unique needs. Whether you’ve requested a same day shipping delivery for a small parcel of paper or need the contents of an entire office storeroom shipped across the country, our team is trained in assessing your order over the phone and arriving on the scene with the right vehicle for the job. This eliminates the hassle of having too much room and paying for extra space or having too little room and having to consolidate or pay for extra trips. At Eveready Express, we aim to make shipping your belongings as stress free as possible. Simply call us, give us an estimate of what you are looking to ship and we will use our expertise to guarentee our team shows up on your doorstep with a vehicle to handle any job.

Here is a brief list of what we offer for deliveries.

Messenger Service Vehicles:

  1. Cargo Vans
  2. Astro and Mini Vans
  3. Capped Pickup Trucks
  4. Hatchback Courier Vehicles

As part of our promise of easy, hassle free service to our customers, we can immediately guide you to the right vehicle for your shipping needs. Call us and let us handle everything! You have more important things to worry about!

Easing Move-In Day Stress : Dorm Shipments

Back to school season is upon us. All over the country, thousands of young men and women are embracing the last weeks of summer while preparing to embark upon their journey into higher education. With a mix of nervous energy and excited anticipation, these young adults are buckling down and getting packed for dorm living. While the prospect of leaving home and experiencing the freedom of independent living is exciting, the idea of hauling all of your belongings across the country is often a far less appealing proposition.

College move in days are notoriously stressful. Hundreds of nervous and clueless students descend upon a campus and start moving about in a frenzy of unsure confusion. Chaos often ensues. Parents are stressed. Students are ready to begin this next phase. No one wants to deal with the hassle of hours of unpacking box after box of belongings. One way to relieve this stress is to decide what you will need immediately and then ship everything else after the fact. Wait for the crowds to die down and ship the extra goods with a local trucking service.

Same day shipping services offer families that ability to bypass hours of annoyance and move directly into enjoying campus life. Sort your belongings by priority and schedule a few same day shipping deliveries. Within a month or two, you will be fully moved in without the usual first day headaches.


Preparing Your Shipment For an LTL Carrier

Less Than Truckload (or LTL) shipping refers to the transportation of relatively small freight. Typically, LTL shipments weigh between 151 and 20,000 pounds. Less Than Truckload shipping offers customers the ability to ship their goods without meeting the pricing demands of shipping a full load. While LTL package delivery shipments take longer to arrive at their final destination, the financial boons can be worth the wait to many customers. If your shipment isn’t a rush order that requires same day shipping, LTL trucking is the perfect way to save money on your packaging orders.

Given the fact that LTL shipments are transported through multiple loading and unloading ports, there are a few things to keep in mind when preparing your shipment for an LTL delivery. Here’s a quick overview of what to keep in mind when preparing packages for LTL shipment.

Proper Packaging of LTL Shipments:

  1. Load freight onto pallets or packaging freights prior to pickup.
  2. Use sturdy shipping containers made of corrugated fiberboard to prevent scuffing and damage from condensation, humidity and vibration.
  3. Place the tracking number on each side of every piece of freight.
  4. Do not advertise the value or contents of packages. This will reduce the likelihood of losses.
  5. Be sure to include proper labels, bar codes and RFID to ensure correct routing and delivery.

If your order is a rush delivery, a same day shipping service is your best bet. But, if you can afford to wait an extra day, LTL shipping saves money and is hassle free.