Messengers & Couriers

Messengers & Couriers can be used for your time-sensitive shipments of:
• Documents
• Cartons/ Cases
• Parcels/ Packages
• Hand-carryable Items

Services offered include:
• Courier Regular – Same Day – Ready by noon for delivery by 5 PM.
• Courier Regular – Next Day – If ready after noon, we will deliver by noon next business day
• Courier Rush – Pickup and delivery within 2-3 hours, distance allowing.
• Courier Direct – Pickup as quickly as possible and drive direct to your delivery, no other stops.

Special Services Available:
• Blanket Wrap & Strap
• Inside Delivery

Messenger Courier Vehicles:
• Cargo Vans
• Astro/ Minivans
• Capped Pickup Trucks
• Hatchback Courier Autos

Courier Service applies for shipments that are hand-loadable — no carton or package weighing over 70 pounds– and can fit inside a cargo van or smaller vehicle– maximum 1,800 pounds total.

Shipments outside the NJ-NY-CT Tri-State Area will have longer deadlines due to the time to drive the additional mileage. Contact Eveready Express Dispatch if you are unsure of drive times.

Need a Quote? Need Information? For Immediate Service call 973-928-8998