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Expedited Trucking and Courier Vehicles Rely on Excellent Maintenance

38605692_mWhen it comes to meeting our customers’ demands and needs we need to get on the road and sometimes that means driving in harsh conditions. We rely on our vehicles to keep our drivers safe and to get the job done. This requires that we keep all vehicles in tip-top shape with excellent maintenance routines at all times.

Summer and Winter are radically different in temperature and travel conditions, and each season requires different maintenance routines for our trucks and vehicles. As we prepared for this winter, we thought we would share with you some ideas to keep you safe on the road this winter no matter what may come.

While we are only too happy to offer some tips, we strongly recommend that before servicing your car yourself that you first check your owner’s manual as not all vehicles are the same. And we also recommend that you schedule an appointment at your dealership where they are familiar with your make and model to winterize your vehicles. Our maintenance suggestions are general recommendations and may not be right for your particular vehicle. Continue reading Expedited Trucking and Courier Vehicles Rely on Excellent Maintenance

Proof of Delivery Mishaps

Have you ever seen that episode of ‘Broad City’ where Abbi volunteers to wait for a package for her neighbor? The package is expected during a specified time but something happens where she can no longer wait for the delivery.

In the time that she’s unavailable, the package comes and gets sent back to the source. Abbi spends hours trying to get the package back but without a POD (proof of delivery) the task at hand is pretty tricky.

While it makes for an entertaining episode, we all know how frustrating that can be. That’s why, at Eveready Express, we take our POD seriously.

With our Promise Commitment Times, you’ll know exactly when your package will arrive. If you know that you’re not going to be home by that time, have your package delivered to your office or place of work. We want you to accept your package with ease.

Why Experience Matters in the Shipping World

The shipping world has a variety of problems that can arise when professionals are not experienced and don’t have the training to handle a variety of situations. When it comes to shipping your parcels, it’s important to work with an experienced and well-reputed company.

Handling Objects With Care

An experienced courier messenger service ensures that your parcel is handled with care and that it will not be damaged during transport. We take measures to ensure that every package is handled carefully and that fragile items will not break when we ship items to your loved ones.

Providing a Professional Experience

An experienced company offers a high level of professionalism that shows in every aspect of our services. We find out exactly what you want before accepting your parcel and we explain all of our services so that you can make the most informed decision about what you want.

Professionalism is essential for any shipping company, and an experienced company can ensure that every courier is trained to handle any situation with the level of professionalism that you expect.

Training Requirements

Our courier messenger service requires training before we send out a new courier. Every individual in an experienced company is fully trained. Furthermore, our experience allows us to avoid training mistakes because we have already learned what works, what does not work and where our couriers may need extra help. The knowledge gleaned from years of experience ensures that all of our couriers know how to handle any situation.

The shipping world requires experience to ensure that your packages are delivered on-time and with the highest level of professionalism available. It’s important to ensure that breakable objects are not damaged and that your loved one receive items exactly the way they were shipped.

Eveready Information Systems

The Eveready information systems that help us to bring you same day shipping with same day delivery service, courier messenger services (including same day courier services,) package delivery, local trucking, and much more are highly sophisticated due to necessity.

Information systems involves the study of both our hardware and software systems. Our employees use these systems for the purpose of data collection, data filtering, data processing, data creation, and data distribution.

We strongly believe in keeping our customer information private and confidential. While we need to get some personal information about you or your company in order to complete the jobs you need done as effectively as possible, we guard that information closely and take customer privacy very seriously.

When you hire Eveready for your delivery needs, we are here to help. We will use the utmost discretion, along with rapid delivery and intense attention to detail to make sure that your precious packages arrive at their intended destination in the time frame that you specify.

Just let us know what your delivery needs are and we can find a way to meet them. If we don’t make your delivery on time, we will make your next delivery for free. This is part of the performance guarantee that we make to each and every customer!


Fun Valentine’s Day Delivery Options

12265102_lValentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking of sending those special people in your life the gifts, chocolates and special messages that remind them that they’re loved and cherished. The delivery of your valentine does not need to focus on boring shipments; instead, make this year memorable with a fun delivery option.

Messenger Services

We offer messenger services that will set your gift apart. Our messenger services ensure that your gift is delivered directly to the intended recipient and that they are excited when they see the package.

Messenger services include the option to use a blanket wrap and strap service, which allows objects to be transported in a soft blanket for safe-keeping. For the holiday, a fun Valentine’s Day theme can be used to wrap up the package and keep it safe from harm.

Use a Courier

A same day courier service is another fun solution for the holiday. The courier will deliver your package, the same day, and will hand the gift with your message to the recipient directly.

Our same day courier services include the opportunity to rush the package to your loved one within 2 to 3 hours, allowing you to ensure that the message is received within a set period of time. The exact amount of time for a rush service can vary based on the distance, so it’s important to plan ahead if you want your gift to arrive before a specific time period.

Make Valentine’s Day fun this year by avoiding general shipping solutions and opting for a personal touch. A courier or messenger service allows you to add a touch of romance and fun to your parcel this year.

Package Delivery in the Cold

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Local trucking depends heavily on weather conditions. Snow, rain, and the like can impede travel, particularly if roads or highways get shut down due to the hazardous weather conditions. As a result, terrible weather conditions, like the kind we’ve been having here in the Northeast over the last few weeks, may impact the expected package delivery date.

At Eveready Express, we’re dedicated to getting your packages to where they need to go, regardless of weather conditions. Through sleet, rain, and snow our drivers are available to ensure that your same day shipping delivery does, in fact, arrive on the same day. We’re on the road as often as possible so that you can get your items when you need them.

Poor weather can also impact the items being shipped, particularly if the items are sensitive to extreme temperatures or moisture. At Eveready Express, we recommend taking advantage of options like courier messenger service and hand delivery for items that may be harmed during normal transport. Our couriers work quickly and efficiently to keep the items being shipped in perfect condition throughout the delivery.

Don’t get stuck in the snow! Call Eveready Express to arrange for local trucking and we’ll get your packages shipped in any weather.

Happy New Year’s from Your Package Delivery Company

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It’s January 1st! Happy New Year’s from all of us here at Eveready Express, your local trucking company. 2014 is here and we’re hoping it’ll be the best year yet, filled with love, laughter, fun, and economic success.

The new year is a time for resolutions and commitments to improving things over the 12 months to come. For some, resolutions are health-related, like decisions to quit smoking, cut back on sugar, or spend more time at the gym. Others make fiscal commitments and decide to cut back on unnecessary spending or to save more for the future. Businesses may resolve to offer improved customer service or added incentives like same day shipping to better service their customers.

At Eveready Express, we’re making resolutions, too! 2014 marks our 30th year in the package delivery industry and we’re committed to doing whatever it takes to make this year amazing. Our New Year’s resolution is to continue our tradition of providing our customers with top notch service and speedy and safe package delivery at the lowest possible prices. For 2014, we’re determined to keep providing our customers with a wide range of affordable delivery services so that whether you need same day courier service or nationwide trucking, we’re ready and able to service you in the upcoming year.

Wishing all of our clients a happy, healthy New Year! May 2014 bring you happiness, joy, laughter, and monetary success!

Post-Holiday Delivery Services

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The holidays are over, but that doesn’t mean the time for holiday delivery services has passed. December 26th marks the beginning of a time that is as much a tradition as the madhouse shopping experiences that lead up to Christmas — a time for returns and exchanges, a time almost as crazy busy as the pre-holiday shopping season.

If you were one of the lucky few who received something that you’ll actually use and enjoy, you can partake in this part of the holiday tradition by avoiding retail stores for a little while, particularly those shops that combine return and checkout services in a single line. If you want to return your gift and the receipt (hopefully you got one) gives you a fairly large window of time for returns, take advantage of it. Avoid attempting the return or exchange immediately after the holiday is over, as closer to the holiday usually means a longer line.

In today’s era of modern technology, you have another option. Many stores allow package delivery service for returns, especially for items ordered online. Place the item back in its box and call Eveready Express. Our delivery service team will be happy to pick up the unwanted gift and send it to where it needs to go. We even offer same day shipping so that you can get returns sent in time for the tightest of deadlines.

End of Year Logistics Services

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If you’re a retail store owner, you probably place a big priority on logistics services for the fourth quarter. At this point in the year, most of your existing inventory is off the shelves and in the hands of customers so that there’s room for any new products you have coming in for 2014.

Stuff flies off the shelf on Black Friday and with Cyber Monday becoming the norm as well, there’s twice as many crazy good sales for shoppers to take advantage of. Anything that’s left over afterwards is likely to be snatched up during pre-Christmas shopping — after all, everything is the perfect gift for someone. If you still have things left on the shelves, options like free package delivery are a great way to encourage shoppers to buy, buy, buy. With service from Eveready Express, you can offer your customers an abundance of shipping options, including same day delivery and courier messenger services.

The arrival of Christmas and New Year’s means it’s time to move forward, with a slew of new products ready to be delivered to happy customers. Get rid of any old inventory you have on your shelves with the help of Eveready Express — our professional and experienced staff is poised and ready to deliver your products to anywhere they need to go.

Happy Holidays from Your Local Trucking Company

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All of us here at Eveready Express want to wish you a very Happy Holidays! Whether you celebrate Kwanza, Hanukkah, Christmas, or just the winter solstice, we’re hoping your winter holiday season has been, and will continue to be, as amazing as possible, filled with laughter and love and packages that arrive on time.

Our commitment to a quick and secure delivery means that if you sent a present via our package delivery or courier messenger services, it’s already reached its destination and is ready to be enjoyed. But even if you used a different delivery service you used, we’re sending good wishes your way and hoping that you’ve received everything you need to make your holiday spectacular.

At Eveready Express, we’re excited to spend the holidays with our family and friends. It’s our chance to rest, relax, and recuperate so that we can come back refreshed and ready to serve as soon as the holiday season is over. We’re lifting our glass and toasting you, our loyal clients and customers, and wishing you a very Happy Holidays!

How will you be spending your holidays? Comment below to let us know!