Eveready Shipments offers Blind Shipment Services

Blind Shipments

Do you need to keep your supplier confidential from your customer? Do you ship directly from your supplier to your customer, but need to protect your product source? Blind shipping is when you ship the goods, but you list another company’s name instead of your own so the buyer does not know that you shipped the goods (hence the BLIND.) It is very common for agents to use this method because it enables the agent to connect a buyer and seller while maintaining their supplier and buyer relationships intact as the buyer and seller never make direct contact.

Eveready Express provides a confidential and reliable blind shipping system. There is often times a minimal fee that is charged for Blind shipping service. However, we offer this service at no additional charge during the recession as part of our Economic Stimulus plan!

Key Benefits to you:

  • We maintain vendor confidentiality so that you can maintain your key client relationships.
  • On your instructions, we will list you as the shipper (and/or consignee) on the delivery receipt. The package/ shipment will look like it was shipped from you.
  • Furthermore, we provide automated emails so you can track your shipment from pickup to delivery!

So don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to grow your business without the costs of stocking your own inventory or starting your own manufacturing operation. If you want to conserve capital and concentrate on growing your customer base, then blind drop shipping should be something to consider.

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