End of Year Logistics Services

If you’re a retail store owner, you probably place a big priority on logistics services for the fourth quarter. At this point in the year, most of your existing inventory is off the shelves and in the hands of customers so that there’s room for any new products you have coming in for 2014.

Stuff flies off the shelf on Black Friday and with Cyber Monday becoming the norm as well, there’s twice as many crazy good sales for shoppers to take advantage of. Anything that’s left over afterwards is likely to be snatched up during pre-Christmas shopping — after all, everything is the perfect gift for someone. If you still have things left on the shelves, options like free package delivery are a great way to encourage shoppers to buy, buy, buy. With service from Eveready Express, you can offer your customers an abundance of shipping options, including same day delivery and courier messenger services.

The arrival of Christmas and New Year’s means it’s time to move forward, with a slew of new products ready to be delivered to happy customers. Get rid of any old inventory you have on your shelves with the help of Eveready Express — our professional and experienced staff is poised and ready to deliver your products to anywhere they need to go.