What You Should NOT Ship

package delivery

At Eveready Express, we make it our goal to ensure all packages get delivered on schedule and all of our customers are completely content with our services. We offer everything from logistics services to local trucking and a whole lot more, all to make sure what you need delivered will be and when you want it there. But we do need to take precautionary measures to prevent dangerous or hazardous materials from damaging mail and packages, as well as to adhere to laws governing mail.

There are plenty of items that are not prohibited and we do ship. Mailing paper items including contracts, post cards, financial reports, and personal letters have absolutely no restrictions. We do not, however, deliver cash because of liability. It is probably best to send a cashier’s check, money order, or a personal check instead. Eveready Express also allows the shipping of personal items that can include books, toys, souvenirs, jewelry, CDs and DVDs, pictures, and clothing.

When it comes to items that we will not ship, the list is not extensive, though it is important to make a special note. Certain types of hazmat items cannot be shipped through Eveready Express because of the danger these items pose to us, our shipping warehouse, and to customers. Examples of these types of items include flammable liquids like acetone, toxic substances like herbicides, or corrosives like lye or acids. For more information on other hazmat items, please contact us.

Personal items that fall within the jewelry category also cannot be shipped through our services. These are valuable items that require additional insurance. Illegal substances such as drugs and drug paraphernalia are also prohibited for delivery through Eveready Express because they violate federal and state laws. Finally, guns, weapon ammunition, and small explosive devices are prohibited items.