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messengers_couriersAt Eveready Express, we have been providing fast and reliable messenger, courier and expedited logistics services for the Tri-State Area since 1984. We offer on-demand delivery of documents, cases and packages with either same day, next day or rush service, in which we’ll pick up and deliver your items within two to three hours, distance allowing. We also offer a courier direct option, in which we’ll pick up and drive directly to your delivery, for the quickest possible service.

From the Battery to 59th Street in Manhattan, we offer bicycle messenger service for packages up to 10 pounds. We can deliver items within one to two hours, shipping same day, with immediate delivery confirmation and guaranteed on-time delivery or it’s free!

For large shipments like palletized freight, floor loads and stage equipment, we offer expedited trucking. With the regular service, if the load is ready by 10 a.m., it will be delivered by 5 p.m. the same day, or choose the rush service for expedited pickup and delivery. We also offer flatbed service for the transport of building supplies, large pipes or beams and other items too large to palletize. You can even choose to use blind shipping, to keep suppliers confidential from customers.