The Pinnacle of Delivery Technology

Technology and traditional package delivery service isn’t a relationship that jumps directly to mind—people generally think the pinnacle of message delivery is within the Internet. However, when you have a physical package or messenger service needs that must be implemented the old-fashioned way, you’ll find that technology can still be on your side, if you work with Eveready Express that is.

Our delivery information systems keep you updated through a suite of high-tech tools, essentially putting you in the driver’s seat with your package! The technology starts with your online order: schedule your order using your own address book. This leads into our state-of-the-art online tracking system that allows you to have real-time proof of delivery. With a bit of online navigation, you can easily monitor your current orders on the road and take a look at your overall account summary. This makes it easy to get a proof of delivery from any of your past orders as well.

Continuing on the report and administrative line of things, you can easily manage your account history with the online interface. All online invoices can be printed or saved in multiple formats for easy distribution. Financial information of your account is also tracked through our secure database, so you can check out your payment history, account balance, and even sales-to-date.