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Uninterrupted Delivery Service – Even With No Phones or Power

Dispatch System in the CloudThursday, February 19th, 2015, there we were, Customer Service, Dispatch, Accounts and Sales, ready for another day at the office. But this wasn’t going to be another routine day. We lost power in our building, so we had no lights, no computers, no Internet, no phone system and no coffee machine. The first reaction is usually a whirlwind of emotions from confusion to frustration, but thankfully we are a great team and everyone jumped right in to tackle the problem from different angles.
  • Find out who is working on the problem and if it will it be corrected immediately?
  • Calling building management and utilities company for status updates.
  • Find nearest location with Wi-Fi access where we can immediately convene to maintain continuity of our operation.
  • Find alternative temporary office space in case the situation does not resolve quickly.
  • Call drivers and other resources to let them know what is going on, and instruct them to use alternate phone numbers to stay in communication.
  • Call key clients to let them know what is going on and offer alternate phone numbers to stay in communication.