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Preparing Your Shipment For an LTL Carrier

Less Than Truckload (or LTL) shipping refers to the transportation of relatively small freight. Typically, LTL shipments weigh between 151 and 20,000 pounds. Less Than Truckload shipping offers customers the ability to ship their goods without meeting the pricing demands of shipping a full load. While LTL package delivery shipments take longer to arrive at their final destination, the financial boons can be worth the wait to many customers. If your shipment isn’t a rush order that requires same day shipping, LTL trucking is the perfect way to save money on your packaging orders.

Given the fact that LTL shipments are transported through multiple loading and unloading ports, there are a few things to keep in mind when preparing your shipment for an LTL delivery. Here’s a quick overview of what to keep in mind when preparing packages for LTL shipment.

Proper Packaging of LTL Shipments:

  1. Load freight onto pallets or packaging freights prior to pickup.
  2. Use sturdy shipping containers made of corrugated fiberboard to prevent scuffing and damage from condensation, humidity and vibration.
  3. Place the tracking number on each side of every piece of freight.
  4. Do not advertise the value or contents of packages. This will reduce the likelihood of losses.
  5. Be sure to include proper labels, bar codes and RFID to ensure correct routing and delivery.

If your order is a rush delivery, a same day shipping service is your best bet. But, if you can afford to wait an extra day, LTL shipping saves money and is hassle free.

The Advantages of Going Blind

Blind shipping is designed to allow you to ship directly to consumers without revealing the source of the packaged goods. It gives retailers the power to keep their supplier confidential by listing another company’s name in the return address form. Thousands of businesses regularly employ blind shipping without complication. The key to a successful blind shipping practice lies in ensuring that you hire a reputable and experienced package delivery service.

Eveready Express has perfected the art of blind shipping and provides a confidential and reliable blind shipping system to businesses for no extra cost as part of our Economic Stimulus Plan. How can blind shipping benefit your business? There are three key advantages.

Advantages of Blind Shipping:

  1. Client Relationships: Ensuring the confidentiality of your vendors allows you to maintain key client relationships with vendors and customers alike. Your customers see you as the reputable source of delivery and your vendors trust that you are not giving out their information. The result is a host of loyal business associates.
  2. Inventory Management: Using a same day shipping service like Eveready Express allows you to get goods to your customers without having to make space for rows upon rows of inventory. This prevents overstocking of goods and loss of financial capital. Eveready Express has made it so that the shipment you send will look as though it were shipped directly from you to the customer.
  3. Tracking Ease: Opting for blind shipping does not mean forgoing the ability to track and monitor your shipments. Eveready Express will provide businesses with automated emails that allow you to easily track your shipment from pickup to delivery.

Call Eveready Express to learn more about our Blind Shipping options.