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Expedited Trucking and Courier Vehicles Rely on Excellent Maintenance

38605692_mWhen it comes to meeting our customers’ demands and needs we need to get on the road and sometimes that means driving in harsh conditions. We rely on our vehicles to keep our drivers safe and to get the job done. This requires that we keep all vehicles in tip-top shape with excellent maintenance routines at all times.

Summer and Winter are radically different in temperature and travel conditions, and each season requires different maintenance routines for our trucks and vehicles. As we prepared for this winter, we thought we would share with you some ideas to keep you safe on the road this winter no matter what may come.

While we are only too happy to offer some tips, we strongly recommend that before servicing your car yourself that you first check your owner’s manual as not all vehicles are the same. And we also recommend that you schedule an appointment at your dealership where they are familiar with your make and model to winterize your vehicles. Our maintenance suggestions are general recommendations and may not be right for your particular vehicle. Continue reading Expedited Trucking and Courier Vehicles Rely on Excellent Maintenance

Same Day Delivery Courier: What You Should Look For

Offering same day delivery service is a promise that we make for our customers. When asking about our same day services, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

  • Experience: Experience and stability are key. Our years of experience prove that  we know how to do our job effectively. We want your trust. Check out our testimonials. See for yourself what we can do and what we’ve done.
  • Professionalism: When choosing a same day delivery service, you’ll need a company who will be ready when and where you need them. With our “Promise Time Commitment,” you have nothing to worry about.
  • Appearance: A professional appearance is essential. Our uniformed drivers are courteous and available for immediate communication, if needed.

So when it comes time to choose your same day delivery service, choose Eveready Express.

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Use Courier Message Services

There are plenty of ways to get items shipped these days. Whether you use one of the big name mailers or smaller businesses, like us, your package will get to its destination. However, it’s definitely easier to use a courier service. Here’s why:

1. Same Day Shipping – Courier companies deliver by ground. Therefore, they can pick up and deliver your shipment the same day. This solves last minute delivery needs.

2. Multiple Locations – Companies like ours provide services to almost everywhere. From small towns to larger urban areas, courier message services deliver using local trucking.

3. 24/7 – While major companies, like ours, have normal business ours, we also offer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

So don’t worry if you’re a little late in sending out that birthday gift, our courier services are here for you. You have our guarantee.

Fun Valentine’s Day Delivery Options

12265102_lValentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking of sending those special people in your life the gifts, chocolates and special messages that remind them that they’re loved and cherished. The delivery of your valentine does not need to focus on boring shipments; instead, make this year memorable with a fun delivery option.

Messenger Services

We offer messenger services that will set your gift apart. Our messenger services ensure that your gift is delivered directly to the intended recipient and that they are excited when they see the package.

Messenger services include the option to use a blanket wrap and strap service, which allows objects to be transported in a soft blanket for safe-keeping. For the holiday, a fun Valentine’s Day theme can be used to wrap up the package and keep it safe from harm.

Use a Courier

A same day courier service is another fun solution for the holiday. The courier will deliver your package, the same day, and will hand the gift with your message to the recipient directly.

Our same day courier services include the opportunity to rush the package to your loved one within 2 to 3 hours, allowing you to ensure that the message is received within a set period of time. The exact amount of time for a rush service can vary based on the distance, so it’s important to plan ahead if you want your gift to arrive before a specific time period.

Make Valentine’s Day fun this year by avoiding general shipping solutions and opting for a personal touch. A courier or messenger service allows you to add a touch of romance and fun to your parcel this year.

Benefits Of Using A Smaller Shipping Company

same day shipping

Individuals and business with a need for package delivery services have two options – small shipping companies or large shipping companies. While it is comfortable to use the well-known big name shipping companies, this is not always the best choice. Smaller shipping companies have their advantages over the larger companies.

Faster Delivery Service

In some instances, using a small shipping company results in quicker delivery for your packages. This is because the smaller company does not process the kind of volume that the larger national companies do. You will notice this speed difference if you are in a city and opt for a small courier messenger service company over a nationally known company.

Cost Savings

Since smaller shipping companies do not have the kind of large overhead expenses that larger shippers have, the prices for delivery are sometimes less. This is often most noticeable in same day delivery services, especially when using bike messenger services.

Better Customer Service

You get more attention from a small shipping company than a large one, which results is a better customer service experience. Smaller companies have to work harder for customers that the large, nationally known companies, which means that you benefit by way of more customized customer service.

Package Delivery in the Cold

Same Day Shipping
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Local trucking depends heavily on weather conditions. Snow, rain, and the like can impede travel, particularly if roads or highways get shut down due to the hazardous weather conditions. As a result, terrible weather conditions, like the kind we’ve been having here in the Northeast over the last few weeks, may impact the expected package delivery date.

At Eveready Express, we’re dedicated to getting your packages to where they need to go, regardless of weather conditions. Through sleet, rain, and snow our drivers are available to ensure that your same day shipping delivery does, in fact, arrive on the same day. We’re on the road as often as possible so that you can get your items when you need them.

Poor weather can also impact the items being shipped, particularly if the items are sensitive to extreme temperatures or moisture. At Eveready Express, we recommend taking advantage of options like courier messenger service and hand delivery for items that may be harmed during normal transport. Our couriers work quickly and efficiently to keep the items being shipped in perfect condition throughout the delivery.

Don’t get stuck in the snow! Call Eveready Express to arrange for local trucking and we’ll get your packages shipped in any weather.

End of Year Logistics Services

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If you’re a retail store owner, you probably place a big priority on logistics services for the fourth quarter. At this point in the year, most of your existing inventory is off the shelves and in the hands of customers so that there’s room for any new products you have coming in for 2014.

Stuff flies off the shelf on Black Friday and with Cyber Monday becoming the norm as well, there’s twice as many crazy good sales for shoppers to take advantage of. Anything that’s left over afterwards is likely to be snatched up during pre-Christmas shopping — after all, everything is the perfect gift for someone. If you still have things left on the shelves, options like free package delivery are a great way to encourage shoppers to buy, buy, buy. With service from Eveready Express, you can offer your customers an abundance of shipping options, including same day delivery and courier messenger services.

The arrival of Christmas and New Year’s means it’s time to move forward, with a slew of new products ready to be delivered to happy customers. Get rid of any old inventory you have on your shelves with the help of Eveready Express — our professional and experienced staff is poised and ready to deliver your products to anywhere they need to go.

Same Day Delivery for Personal Christmas Gifts

courier services for Christmas giftsWith Christmas less than a week away, same day delivery is essential if you want the Christmas presents you’re sending to get to their destination in time to be placed under the tree. Many big box retailers structure entire advertising campaigns around this concept, spotlighting the last day to order and encouraging shoppers to get their orders in before the deadlines. For some retailers, this deadline may have already passed and items purchased now will have a scheduled arrival date later than December 25th.

If you haven’t yet found the perfect gift, have no fear! With same day shipping from Eveready Express, there’s still time to find the ideal gift and send it out in time for the holiday. You can shop at any of your favorite retailers or create a personalized, handmade gift and we’ll deliver the package to the recipient as soon as it’s ready to be sent. We even offer courier and messenger services for delicate or fragile items so that you can ensure a speedy and safe package delivery. Whether you’re sending to friends, family, or business associates, Eveready Express offers same day shipping to help you get your presents to where they need to go before Santa comes down the chimney.

The Pony Express: A Surprisingly Short History

The Pony Express has become synonymous with some of the earliest messenger services and package delivery in the United States. Often seen as a major part of US history, the Pony Express was actually a sparsely used and very expensive service, namely targeting super rich business owners of the time.

same day courier service
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Considered a “fast mail service,” the Pony Express was started in 1860 and quickly took hold in many different parts of the United States. Much of this popularity came from the novelty of sending a letter or small package to friends, loved ones, and business partners to many different locations across the States. However, with the quick onset of this interesting service came a fairly swift ending. There were a few major issues with the structure of the Pony Express that made it nearly impossible to catch on as an everyday service for the majority of Americans. Firstly, the points of delivery were somewhat disjointed and slim—some deliveries took way too long to be labeled “express” (even in the mid-1800s). Its major downfall, like most companies, was the money aspect. The price started at an astoundingly high $5 per half ounce letter, over $100 today. Eventually, the price fell to about $1, about a $26 equivalent to today, but it was still far too expensive for the general public to embrace.