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A Vehicle For Every Need

Preparation is the key to success on any front. Eveready Express comes prepared to every job with the right vehicle for your unique needs. Whether you’ve requested a same day shipping delivery for a small parcel of paper or need the contents of an entire office storeroom shipped across the country, our team is trained in assessing your order over the phone and arriving on the scene with the right vehicle for the job. This eliminates the hassle of having too much room and paying for extra space or having too little room and having to consolidate or pay for extra trips. At Eveready Express, we aim to make shipping your belongings as stress free as possible. Simply call us, give us an estimate of what you are looking to ship and we will use our expertise to guarentee our team shows up on your doorstep with a vehicle to handle any job.

Here is a brief list of what we offer for deliveries.

Messenger Service Vehicles:

  1. Cargo Vans
  2. Astro and Mini Vans
  3. Capped Pickup Trucks
  4. Hatchback Courier Vehicles

As part of our promise of easy, hassle free service to our customers, we can immediately guide you to the right vehicle for your shipping needs. Call us and let us handle everything! You have more important things to worry about!

Is Messengering For You?

Looking for a job that offers a different view every day? Tired of sitting at desk punching numbers from nine to five? Working as a messenger for a same day shipping service could be the perfect job for you.

Messenger services offer workers the chance to explore the world around them, meet new people every day and learn the ropes of your city while providing a stable employment environment. For those with a free spirit mentality, this might be the perfect position. Think it sounds interesting? Consider these three factors before applying.

Three Factors To Consider Before Applying:

  • Physical Health: Messengering is a physically demanding job, particularly when you work for a company that offers same day shipping. You will be expected to move quickly on your feet the entire day. Those with chronic medical conditions may find themselves unable to keep up with the demands placed upon them.
  • Organizational Skills: Are you naturally an organized person? Are you able to immediately prioritize a day’s itinerary? If so, working as a messenger or courier will suit you well. Those less organizationally inclined will struggle with ensuring that every package arrives when and where it is supposed to without complication.
  • Flexibility: Do you work best with a set daily schedule? Or, are you able to withstand unforeseen changes in the day’s plans? Messengering for a same day delivery service often involves last minute changes to the day’s plan. A successful messenger can tolerate this uncertainty without letting it throw chaos into the day’s mix.

If these sound like qualities you possess, visit Eveready’s website to inquire about openings.


Busiest Shipping Days of the Year

The majority of a shipping company’s business is derived from the holiday seasons. Whether you’re ordering something online or shipping something that you already purchased, you’re keeping the industry busy. Here’s a list of some of the busiest shipping days of the year.

February 14th:
Many individuals love sending and receiving chocolates, jewelry and other items that showcase their feelings for one another on Valentine’s Day. Surprising your loved ones at work or home is a sneaky yet thoughtful way of showing that you care.

Cyber Monday
The Monday after Thanksgiving, known as Cyber Monday, is crucial for shipping. While Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season, this day kicks off the shipping craziness. Business offer unlimited deals and free shipping with purchase which leads to busy delivery services.

December 24th: 
For the many procrastinators who wait until late in December to ship an item, shipping companies work tirelessly even on Christmas Eve to ensure packages get to their destinations on time for Christmas morning.

Black Friday
Black Friday has been known as the busiest shopping day of the year for a while now. In 2013, the post office  stated they processed 600 million pieces of mail on December 16th, and many shipping companies doubled their business.

Regardless of a customer’s needs, whether it be it local package delivery , messenger services or shipping a package from one state to another, experienced shipping companies know how to meet their customer’s needs even during the busiest shipping days of the year.


Why Experience Matters in the Shipping World

The shipping world has a variety of problems that can arise when professionals are not experienced and don’t have the training to handle a variety of situations. When it comes to shipping your parcels, it’s important to work with an experienced and well-reputed company.

Handling Objects With Care

An experienced courier messenger service ensures that your parcel is handled with care and that it will not be damaged during transport. We take measures to ensure that every package is handled carefully and that fragile items will not break when we ship items to your loved ones.

Providing a Professional Experience

An experienced company offers a high level of professionalism that shows in every aspect of our services. We find out exactly what you want before accepting your parcel and we explain all of our services so that you can make the most informed decision about what you want.

Professionalism is essential for any shipping company, and an experienced company can ensure that every courier is trained to handle any situation with the level of professionalism that you expect.

Training Requirements

Our courier messenger service requires training before we send out a new courier. Every individual in an experienced company is fully trained. Furthermore, our experience allows us to avoid training mistakes because we have already learned what works, what does not work and where our couriers may need extra help. The knowledge gleaned from years of experience ensures that all of our couriers know how to handle any situation.

The shipping world requires experience to ensure that your packages are delivered on-time and with the highest level of professionalism available. It’s important to ensure that breakable objects are not damaged and that your loved one receive items exactly the way they were shipped.

Package Delivery in the Cold

Same Day Shipping
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Local trucking depends heavily on weather conditions. Snow, rain, and the like can impede travel, particularly if roads or highways get shut down due to the hazardous weather conditions. As a result, terrible weather conditions, like the kind we’ve been having here in the Northeast over the last few weeks, may impact the expected package delivery date.

At Eveready Express, we’re dedicated to getting your packages to where they need to go, regardless of weather conditions. Through sleet, rain, and snow our drivers are available to ensure that your same day shipping delivery does, in fact, arrive on the same day. We’re on the road as often as possible so that you can get your items when you need them.

Poor weather can also impact the items being shipped, particularly if the items are sensitive to extreme temperatures or moisture. At Eveready Express, we recommend taking advantage of options like courier messenger service and hand delivery for items that may be harmed during normal transport. Our couriers work quickly and efficiently to keep the items being shipped in perfect condition throughout the delivery.

Don’t get stuck in the snow! Call Eveready Express to arrange for local trucking and we’ll get your packages shipped in any weather.

End of Year Logistics Services

same day shipping
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If you’re a retail store owner, you probably place a big priority on logistics services for the fourth quarter. At this point in the year, most of your existing inventory is off the shelves and in the hands of customers so that there’s room for any new products you have coming in for 2014.

Stuff flies off the shelf on Black Friday and with Cyber Monday becoming the norm as well, there’s twice as many crazy good sales for shoppers to take advantage of. Anything that’s left over afterwards is likely to be snatched up during pre-Christmas shopping — after all, everything is the perfect gift for someone. If you still have things left on the shelves, options like free package delivery are a great way to encourage shoppers to buy, buy, buy. With service from Eveready Express, you can offer your customers an abundance of shipping options, including same day delivery and courier messenger services.

The arrival of Christmas and New Year’s means it’s time to move forward, with a slew of new products ready to be delivered to happy customers. Get rid of any old inventory you have on your shelves with the help of Eveready Express — our professional and experienced staff is poised and ready to deliver your products to anywhere they need to go.

Christmas Package Delivery

Package delivery is a must for Christmas gifts that can’t be delivered personally. Whether it’s for family or friends that live far away or business associates you won’t be seeing over the holidays, gifts can be sent to their recipients in a number of ways besides Santa’s sleigh.

courier messenger service
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Next day and same day delivery options let you push off shopping until the very last minute so that you can join the hordes of other people desperate for gifts and watch as what used to be your local shopping center turns into a madhouse. If you preferred to partake in the shopping craze on Black Friday and purchased your presents far in advance, there are a bunch of other options available to you in addition to same day and next day shipping. For example, you can utilize services like local trucking and your gift will still reach its recipient in time for the holiday.

Gifts can also be hand delivered by Eveready Express’s experienced and professional couriers. Courier messenger service takes things above and beyond basic shipping to add an air of class to any delivery. Plus, for delicate or handmade gifts that may spoiled or get ruined, such as floral or fruit arrangements, glass or crystal, or even an exquisitely wrapped box, messenger service is a great way to ensure that the present reaches its destination in perfect condition.

The Most Expensive Stamps in the World

Package delivery and, more generally, messenger services have always been closely related to the idea of some sort of postage tax. Of course, with the onset of more popular private delivery companies, other means of payments have been developed. Nonetheless, postage stamps have been the go-to currency for sending goods for quite a long time. With this massive popularity came collectors and, in turn, standout stamps worth a lot of money! Here are a few of the more expensive postage stamps found around the world:

package delivery
Penny Black
$5 Million
Credit: Bornrich.com
package delivery
Post Office Mauritius
$1.67 Million
Credit: Bornrich.com
package delivery
Inverted Jenny
$3 Million
Credit: Bornrich.com
package delivery
The Treskilling Yellow
$3 Million
Credit: Bornrich.com


The Pony Express: A Surprisingly Short History

The Pony Express has become synonymous with some of the earliest messenger services and package delivery in the United States. Often seen as a major part of US history, the Pony Express was actually a sparsely used and very expensive service, namely targeting super rich business owners of the time.

same day courier service
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Considered a “fast mail service,” the Pony Express was started in 1860 and quickly took hold in many different parts of the United States. Much of this popularity came from the novelty of sending a letter or small package to friends, loved ones, and business partners to many different locations across the States. However, with the quick onset of this interesting service came a fairly swift ending. There were a few major issues with the structure of the Pony Express that made it nearly impossible to catch on as an everyday service for the majority of Americans. Firstly, the points of delivery were somewhat disjointed and slim—some deliveries took way too long to be labeled “express” (even in the mid-1800s). Its major downfall, like most companies, was the money aspect. The price started at an astoundingly high $5 per half ounce letter, over $100 today. Eventually, the price fell to about $1, about a $26 equivalent to today, but it was still far too expensive for the general public to embrace.

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dunkindonutsThe reasons to refer a friend to Eveready Express are numerous. We are committed to good service, have nearly 30 years’ experience in delivery and messenger services, employee-trusted professionals, and make use of the most up-to-date technologies. Still not enough?! For a limited time only, every person you refer to Eveready who makes use of our serves earns you a free Dunkin Donuts gift card.

How does our unique reward program work? It all happens in three simple steps. You email us your referrals to our logistics services. Once the referred party opens an account and places an order, we send you a Dunkin Donuts gift card. There is no limit to the number of such cards you can earn. We know that we provide a top-notch service, one that you can confidently suggest to your associates. The donuts are just our way of sweetening the deal!

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