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A Vehicle For Every Need

Preparation is the key to success on any front. Eveready Express comes prepared to every job with the right vehicle for your unique needs. Whether you’ve requested a same day shipping delivery for a small parcel of paper or need the contents of an entire office storeroom shipped across the country, our team is trained in assessing your order over the phone and arriving on the scene with the right vehicle for the job. This eliminates the hassle of having too much room and paying for extra space or having too little room and having to consolidate or pay for extra trips. At Eveready Express, we aim to make shipping your belongings as stress free as possible. Simply call us, give us an estimate of what you are looking to ship and we will use our expertise to guarentee our team shows up on your doorstep with a vehicle to handle any job.

Here is a brief list of what we offer for deliveries.

Messenger Service Vehicles:

  1. Cargo Vans
  2. Astro and Mini Vans
  3. Capped Pickup Trucks
  4. Hatchback Courier Vehicles

As part of our promise of easy, hassle free service to our customers, we can immediately guide you to the right vehicle for your shipping needs. Call us and let us handle everything! You have more important things to worry about!

Package Delivery in the Cold

Same Day Shipping
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Local trucking depends heavily on weather conditions. Snow, rain, and the like can impede travel, particularly if roads or highways get shut down due to the hazardous weather conditions. As a result, terrible weather conditions, like the kind we’ve been having here in the Northeast over the last few weeks, may impact the expected package delivery date.

At Eveready Express, we’re dedicated to getting your packages to where they need to go, regardless of weather conditions. Through sleet, rain, and snow our drivers are available to ensure that your same day shipping delivery does, in fact, arrive on the same day. We’re on the road as often as possible so that you can get your items when you need them.

Poor weather can also impact the items being shipped, particularly if the items are sensitive to extreme temperatures or moisture. At Eveready Express, we recommend taking advantage of options like courier messenger service and hand delivery for items that may be harmed during normal transport. Our couriers work quickly and efficiently to keep the items being shipped in perfect condition throughout the delivery.

Don’t get stuck in the snow! Call Eveready Express to arrange for local trucking and we’ll get your packages shipped in any weather.

Same Day Delivery for Personal Christmas Gifts

courier services for Christmas giftsWith Christmas less than a week away, same day delivery is essential if you want the Christmas presents you’re sending to get to their destination in time to be placed under the tree. Many big box retailers structure entire advertising campaigns around this concept, spotlighting the last day to order and encouraging shoppers to get their orders in before the deadlines. For some retailers, this deadline may have already passed and items purchased now will have a scheduled arrival date later than December 25th.

If you haven’t yet found the perfect gift, have no fear! With same day shipping from Eveready Express, there’s still time to find the ideal gift and send it out in time for the holiday. You can shop at any of your favorite retailers or create a personalized, handmade gift and we’ll deliver the package to the recipient as soon as it’s ready to be sent. We even offer courier and messenger services for delicate or fragile items so that you can ensure a speedy and safe package delivery. Whether you’re sending to friends, family, or business associates, Eveready Express offers same day shipping to help you get your presents to where they need to go before Santa comes down the chimney.

All About Courier Services

Couriers have existed for thousands of years. Of course, back in those days, the services were considerably more basic, because the only means for delivery was running. One of history’s most famous messengers is Pheidippides, the legendary Greek who ran from Marathon to Athens to notify the people of Athens of a victory in battle.

The term courier comes from the Latin word  for “to run”, which is currere. Courier services are different from regular mailing services in that they’re more sophisticated. Courier services tend to offer speed, security, and tracking.

Perhaps the earliest form of courier service that compares to its modern form is Wells Fargo’s premium package delivery service, which was founded in the US in 1852. It primarily shipped gold and packages, and became important for organizing commerce in newly established territories and states in the country. Nowadays, the United States has hundreds of thousands of independent couriers who handle millions of packages and deliveries every day. Professionalism, reliability, and timeliness are the mark of a good modern courier.

Eveready Express is proud to offer reliable, professional, and timely courier service to the NY-NJ-CT Tri-State Area and beyond. Our courier service applies for shipments that are loadable by hand, with a maximum of 1800 pounds total. To request a quote, or to get more information about our courier services, visit us online at www.EvereadyExpress.com.


Explaining Package Delivery: The Etymology of Mail

Messenger ServiceA package delivery is often referred to as mail, a word that, in its current form, dates back to the 17th century, with the word first appearing in 1654 to mean a bag full of letters. Over time, as language evolved, mail began to refer to the letters or the package itself, and a new term, mailbag, was created to describe the bag holding the packages. Starting in the 19th century, British English began to differentiate between mail and post. Mail referred specifically to packages that were delivered overseas whereas post was used to denote items sent locally. In the United States, however, mail was and still is a catch-all term that can refer to letters sent overseas or via local trucking.

Before the modern spelling of mail was introduced, the word was spelled male, though it had nothing to do with gender. The spelling of male as referring to a package delivery or postal service can be found in both Medieval English and Old French, with both words having been derived from other languages that utilize similar words, including the Proto-Germanic malhō and the Proto-Indo-European molko.

In modern times, the French language utilizes the word malle to mean a large trunk or box, the UK uses post to refer to things sent via Royal Mail, and the United States uses the word mail to describe letters of all sorts from those sent via courier message service to those sent overseas by boat or plane.

Courier Messenger Service Since Egyptian Times

courier messenger services
Egyptian packages didn’t look anything like this.

The Egyptians were known for being pioneers in a number of areas, including the study of mathematics and the formation of a written language, but did you know that Ancient Egypt was also the first civilization to use a courier messenger service? Historians believe that the first organized messenger service dates back to approximately 2400 B.C., in an era when couriers were employed by the pharaohs to hand deliver important messages, news, and laws to people in every corner of the land. The oldest surviving piece of mail is also Egyptian, but it isn’t quite that old, dating back to just 255 B.C.

The sole purpose of the courier service in Ancient Egypt was to link the royals and government officials with military posts scattered throughout the country. Nowadays, the mail system is no longer the exclusive domain of royals, and package delivery is accessible to any individual or business. There are numerous choices available, from same day delivery to international shipping, to accommodate the variety of items shipped to everywhere and anywhere. Even in today’s day and age, however, courier service still remains the delivery option of choice for important documents, letters, or packages that need to be handled with special care.

Professional Staff at Eveready


Far too many businesses rely on fly-by-night courier services. These services employ bike messengers who are often college students or those who are simply trying to make a quick buck. They show up to your office late, drenched in sweat and with an attitude. Is that really someone you want to deal with? Is that even someone you want in your office?

It is also worth noting that a bike might not be the safest way to move a package from point A to point B. Sensitive materials such as laboratory samples require an expert’s touch. We pride ourselves on the expert level of care provided by our couriers. These are not college kids home for the summer. These people make up our full-time staff, many of whom have been with us for upwards of a decade.

Our couriers can take the guesswork out of having a package sent somewhere by confirming with you the moment the package is signed for. Our air-conditioned vans are a safe place for your most sensitive packages, and we can deal with almost any sort of package, including medical and lab samples.

Call us today to arrange your next pickup. Don’t take another chance with a low-rent courier service!