Steps to Prevent LTL Freight Damage

Less Than Truckload (LTL)  freight damage is an unfortunate yet common consequence of shipping, and handling LTL freight can be a challenging task involving moving multiple shipments from various shippers in the same truck. This means that each shipment is subject to potential damage at multiple points during transit. 

However, there are some practical things businesses can do to effectively prevent freight damage during shipping, ensuring that products reach their intended destination in pristine condition while minimizing financial losses and customer dissatisfaction.

Use proper packaging.

Shippers should use sturdy and durable boxes that can withstand the rigors of transportation. It’s also important to secure items inside the boxes using packing materials such as bubble wrap or foam inserts.

Add effective labeling.

Shippers should clearly indicate if a package contains fragile items so that carriers handle them more carefully. Labels warning about stacking limitations or orientation requirements can also ensure packages are handled properly throughout transit.

Follow stacking protocol.

Before shipping, ensure your items are stacked evenly on the pallet to distribute weight and prevent overhang or potential damage. Also, make sure labels are visible, especially if items are fragile or have specific handling instructions.

Select reputable carriers and freight brokers.

Working with experienced professionals with a proven track record in freight handling minimizes the risk of mishandling or accidents during transportation. Choose a trusted carrier like Eveready Express to handle all aspects of shipping and avoid using multiple freight carriers.