Eveready Express’ Expertise: Solar Panel Delivery

An Eveready Express driver making solar panel delivery look like a walk in the park.
An Eveready Express driver making solar panel delivery look like a walk in the park.

For the last decade, the renewable energy sector has been at the forefront of American business and politics. Most recently, the “Inflation Reduction Act” has been passed through the House of Representatives—part of this bill has to do with renewable energy. For example, the bill will introduce new, federal tax credits to accelerate the production of solar panels (in addition to NJ’s similar state tax credits).

Eveready Express team leaders have also noticed an uptick in the delivery of solar panels to businesses and individuals. For more than a decade, Eveready drivers have been delivering solar panels and the corresponding installation equipment. Today, the demand for solar panels has jumped. To meet this need, this logistics group has refined their solar delivery process—making it easier for clients to access energy savings and the new federal and state rebates. As a result, Eveready’s team is becoming the most trusted solar panel delivery service provider in New Jersey.

Eveready’s Solar Panel Delivery Work

Eveready Express solar panel delivery right into a client's garage.
Eveready Express solar panel delivery right into a client’s garage.

Eveready Express has a knowledgeable team with the proper equipment to handle the procurement, shipment, and delivery of solar panels for business and personal use. Most recently, Jack Chambers—Eveready’s Logistics Consultant—has been working to provide this service to more clients in Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

“We’ve been making deliveries within the solar industry over the last 10 years,” reminded Chambers. “But recently, we went down for lunch with one solar company, in particular. We ate and picked their brains to figure out how we could be of better service. It was fun. We like to learn what our clients’ pain points are, and from there we’ll give suggestions.”

Jack Chambers (third from the left) with the boys of Eveready Express--kicking back at a Jersey Jackals baseball game.
Jack Chambers (third from the left) with the boys of Eveready Express–kicking back at a Jersey Jackals baseball game.

Eveready’s leadership team is constantly doing research and adding new efficient processes to help their drivers provide a better service. This work in the solar industry is just one example of the team’s expertise across a few industries—solar being one that’s very popular right now.

“Currently, we’re on call with a handful of solar companies to do distribution. Plus, we do residential deliveries with our 24-foot straight trucks,” said Chambers. “We’ve got the electric pallet jack and we’ll do the distribution right into the client’s garage if they’d like.”

Eveready’s Expertise—Industry by Industry

Eveready's solar panel delivery goes from the final mile to the extra mile to get shipments where clients need them--right on time.
Eveready’s solar panel delivery goes from the final mile to the extra mile to get shipments where clients need them–right on time.

When it comes to solar panel delivery and handling the logistics behind solar installation, Eveready’s team will service large businesses as well as one-off, residential use clients. At the same time, the logistics provider is implementing similar services while developing business in other niche industries.

Chambers explained that for a while, Eveready was simply going after every job—rather than the jobs the team did best. Today, the team has realized their work is most useful for clients in the solar, medical, and tile industries. In addition to a few other verticals, Eveready’s crew will expand their same-day service, van service, and 24-foot truck service into the industries (or verticals) where the team can be of most use to current (as well as potential) clients. All in all, the team has become more laser-focused inside the verticals where they have expertise.

“We went from knocking on every door, to looking at vertical industries to expand. Our main verticals for shipment, delivery, and logistics services are in the solar industry, medical industry, and tile industry,” said Chambers. “I know they’re all totally different, but there’s a reason for each one.”

Chambers explained how Eveready’s current medical clients can rely on same-day van service for pharmaceutical deliveries. On the other hand, solar deliveries are only going to happen with the larger, 24-foot trucks. Eveready’s leadership has honed in on providing the right services inside the industries where they have the most experience. Inside these industries, Eveready clients have revealed their biggest challenges as well as the advantages gained when partnering with Eveready.

Oftentimes, solar panel manufacturers or pharmaceutical companies will try to handle their own inventory, shipping, delivery, and/or logistics. However, as leaders like Chambers sit down with current, past, and prospective clients, he reminds them about time and money savings associated with partnering with Eveready—a courier service that’s been doing the heavy lifting for 38 years.

“I’ll ask them, ‘Have you thought about owning a truck? Why take a lease for a third truck? Why not partner with Eveready Express,’” asked Chambers. “We allow clients to get back to their core business. Our core business is getting their product to their customers and making them happy. We treat their customers like ours—we treat them like gold.”

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