Simplifying Travel With Advance Shipping

With the summer months fully upon us, many are preparing for the vacations they’ve been dreaming about all year.

Whether you’re planning on seeing the sights of Montana or Tennessee, ease the stress of traveling by shipping some of what you will need ahead of time. Or, reverse the process and send yourself a package delivery of some of the goods you pick up along your journey.

Airlines have tightened their belts. Carry-on luggage must now be kept to a minimum and there is an additional fee per every extra bag you check. Save yourself these costly travel expenses by bundling up your souvenirs before you leave. Box what you’ve found on your journey and send to your home or office with a local trucking service. This will ensure your prized memories arrive safely without costing you the extra luggage fees and the headache of trying to fit two weeks of memories into an already overstuffed suitcase.

Here are a few things to consider before shipping valuable souvenirs.

  • Will a trusted recipient be available to receive the package?
  • Are the items to be shipped valuable or breakable? If so, be sure to wrap them carefully and note their fragility when placing your shipping order.
  • Does your package need to be signed for? If so, be sure to specify who will be signing. Also, ask for a receipt of delivery to ensure it arrives and you are notified.
  • Are the items you want to send shippable by law? Some items cannot be sent via mail. Be sure to check with your shipping company if you are unsure.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending the last night of your vacation trying to cram everything into a suitcase that’s already overstuffed. Save yourself the headache and have your memories shipped while you travel.