Blind Shipments Available from Eveready Express

Sometimes a business needs to keep its supplier confidential from the customer. When people need to ship directly from the supplier to the customer but need to protect the product  source, they use what we in the package delivery industry call “blind shipping.”

When you ship goods but list another company’s name instead of your own, thus preventing the buyer from knowing that you shipped the goods, it is called a blind shipment. This practice is pretty common for people who ship goods, because it allows them to connect a buyer and seller without interfering with their own supplier and buyer relationships. The supplier and buyer relationship stays intact because the buyer and seller never make any direct contact.

The reliable and completely confidential blind shipping services from Eveready Express are available at no additional charge. As with all of our deliveries, we provide automated emails that let you track your shipment from pickup to delivery. We also list you as the shipper on the delivery receipt so that, to the customer, it looks like the package was shipped directly from you. Perhaps most importantly, we uphold vendor confidentiality, allowing you to maintain your key client relationships.

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