Responsible Courier Messenger Service

blindshipmentIf you are trying to have important documents delivered to a location across town, who are you going to call? Some kid on a bike with a messenger bag who will make a pit stop at his girlfriend’s house and couldn’t care less about your package? Or a professional package delivery service that can guarantee a timely and safe delivery? We think we know the answer to that one!

Far too many companies rely on a loose association of bike messengers to move their most precious cargo. Items like blueprints, contracts, proofs and classified documents cannot be trusted to just anyone. It is only after being burned by a delivery disaster that many companies decide to make the move to a professional courier messenger service. Why wait for disaster to strike?
Our fleet of professional drivers is standing by to assist you. They will arrive promptly in your building. They are well-dressed, courteous and professional–someone you would want to have in your place of business, unlike some messengers. We can guarantee your package will be delivered in a timely fashion and will not suffer any damage or tampering en route. Our service is highly cost effective and only marginally more expensive than bike couriers. Call today to get a quote for your next delivery!