Our Delivery Drivers Make a Good Impression

How do we know that our drivers are doing a great job and making a good impression?
That’s easy. I’d like to share with you an example of how great service translated into growing our business.

Last year a client contacted us to begin making deliveries to President Industrial Products, LLC. They are a division of the President Container Group. President Container Group provides corrugated packaging, point-of-purchase displays, and industrial supplies. In fact, they are one of the largest manufacturers of Corrugated Shipping Containers and Point of Purchase Displays in North America.

Delivery after delivery, our consistent on-time service caught their attention. President Industrial Products (PIP) reached out to us and decided to give us a try in May 2015. As it happened, they were growing and needed additional trucks and drivers immediately to meet growing demands for their products.

Since we had been delivering to their facility regularly for one of our other customers, their shipping management knew us and had a positive experience with our drivers and our service.

Starting right out of the gate, or off the dock, President Industrial needed 4 trucks immediately. So, we did what we do best and activated back up drivers, made adjustments to our scheduling, and had 4 trucks for President Industrial that same morning. Sometimes I think my team is a group of magicians who make trucks and drivers appear.

Impressive right? One call and Eveready delivered! President Industrial was impressed enough with Eveready’s service that they continued to order trucks and we continued to provide up to 6 trucks daily. President Industrial and their customers benefited from our fast responsive service throughout the summer.

I believe we were auditioning all summer for the real opportunity and as it happened, they reached out to begin discussions on creating a more permanent arrangement, which would provide President Industrial with a more cost-effective solution.

President Industrial was looking for a standard per delivery rate to normalize their costs and as an incentive to complete more deliveries per day. While we normally contract on a per diem basis, we are able to leverage our resources when we have a regularly scheduled account to service.

Negotiations went back and forth, it seemed difficult at first to find an agreeable solution. We all had to sharpen our pencils (or fine-tune our Excel worksheets) and explore our costs and the variables that arise as a part of doing business.

President Industrial Products, a division of President Container Group, is a family-owned business, as is Eveready, and by coming together to explore tactical and pricing options, we worked towards a win-win agreement.

Then, Larry Grossbard, owner of President Container Group, proposed a unique solution that met both their and our goals. Keith Kirk, President of Eveready and Larry fine-tuned the proposal over the next few days. They came to a win-win annual agreement to provide a minimum number of trucks daily, plus additional capacity as needed.

Everyone Is a Winner!

Maybe we can help you with our Same Day Expedited Shipping or Dedicated Drivers. Give us a call and let’s see how we can help.

Also, if you need customer corrugated product, stock cartons, point-of-purchase displays, industrial Supplies, assembly, and fulfillment we hope you’ll give our friends over at President Container Group a Call! www.presidentcontainergroup.com T: (NJ) 201.933.7500 T: (NY) 212.244.0345