Maintaining a Reliable Fleet of Vehicles

Eveready is committed to providing the best service and maintenance for our vans, trucks, and other vehicles because we understand the how keeping our vehicles in top condition helps to ensure that our customers receive the best service possible.

At Eveready, we implement a wide range of measures to maintain and service our vans, trucks and other vehicles.

How to manage a fleet of vehicles

Eveready’s fleet maintenance includes regular inspections and preventative maintenance checks, along with repairs and updates when necessary. We use geotracking technology to track vehicle performance in real-time so we can identify any potential issues before they become major problems. This helps keep our vehicle fleet running smoothly and cost-effectively, and helps our customers know where their deliveries are at all times.

How much does it cost to maintain a reliable fleet of vehicles?

To ensure the highest quality of service and maintain their fleet costs at a minimum, Eveready has implemented various strategies to optimize transport costs. These include cost-effective repair and maintenance procedures, as well as strategies to reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency.

Even so, purchasing and maintaining fleet vehicles is extremely costly. While typical maintenance like oil changes, fuel additives, etc. are cost-effective, long-term repairs and yearly maintenance such as brakes, axels, and rotor replacements can cost upwards of $1,200.

Although maintenance costs are high, consistent fleet maintenance can help you reduce your overall shipping costs. With a reliable fleet, you can reduce the number of trips required to deliver goods and services, thus reducing the amount of fuel and labor costs associated with it. You can also save on maintenance costs and rental van costs since you will be able to keep your vehicles in good condition for longer periods of time. Furthermore, having a reliable fleet also helps in reducing insurance costs since it reduces the risk of accidents and other damages. All these factors combine to make having a reliable fleet an excellent way for businesses to reduce their transportation costs.

Having a reliable fleet of vehicles is also essential to ensure the efficiency of any delivery system. With a reliable fleet, Eveready can ensure that delivery times are met. Furthermore, having a reliable fleet also allows us to optimize our routes and reduce costs associated with transportation.

Overall, having a reliable fleet of vehicles is crucial for any business that needs to deliver goods on time and efficiently.

How do you organize fleet maintenance?

Our trained personnel do daily pre-trip checks to stay ahead of unplanned breakdowns. Drivers check the fluids, tires, lights, horn, and more to ensure the safe working condition of each vehicle.

Regular fleet maintenance can be cost-prohibitive, not to mention time-consuming to organize and facilitate, so many companies choose to outsource their logistics operations. If that makes sense for your company, contact Eveready for help getting your packages shipped in a safe, timely, cost-effective way.