How Hiring Staff Overseas helped our Business during the Pandemic

It’s no secret that the COVID19 pandemic has taken a toll on most of us. It has affected us in ways we couldn’t imagine possible just a couple of years ago.

Business, small and big, and their employees have suffered through lockdowns and restrictions. But every dark cloud has its silver lining, and thanks to great recommendations from colleagues, Eveready has been able to keep business going and running smoothly despite the pandemic’s many setbacks.

“Remote work has become increasingly common during this time. Have you tried hiring any overseas workers?”. This is a question or more like a suggestion we received, which got us thinking. Thanks to the internet’s outstanding connectivity and videoconference platforms like Zoom, working remotely is now easier than ever.

We at Eveready Express figured we could give it a try and see how it can help our business thrive in these trying times. So we started hiring new staff members from overseas to take care of our customer support. And it has been fantastic! After months of working this way, we strongly feel like we made the right decision. Thanks to the additional support, we offer better ongoing customer service.

We try to be very transparent with our customers, and we let them know what our staffing is. This also helps us provide a better service to them.

In this new year, we invite all our associates to give hiring staff members from all over the world a chance. You might be surprised by the results you can obtain. You can share new cultural insights with exciting people. People who are eager to learn will try their best to take your business to new levels. 

You will not be disappointed at all!