Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials

corrugated boxFrom using recycled materials to drinking tap water instead of bottled, people all around the world are doing their part in helping the environment. Here are some easy ways for you to go eco-friendly when it comes to your messenger and logistics services.

Packing Tape: If you didn’t already know, Scotch brand offers Magic Eco-Friendly Tape, which is made from more than 75% renewable or recycled materials. So even when you feel like a little more tape will go a long way, at least you’ll be helping out the environment.

Geami Paper: Geami Paper is a great eco-friendly replacement for bubble and foam wraps. The 100% recyclable paper is made from renewable resource and will still keep your shipping intact.

Corrugated Boxes: Corrugated boxes are made from post consumer waste and great for the environment. This way you can use our same-day shipping and get your package delivered in a timely yet eco-friendly way.