Eveready Express Thrives Off Your Feedback

Historic fighter, Muhammad Ali once said, “Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer.” Eveready Express understands that not every question begs for an answer–especially if further research and thought is required. However, when it comes to customer feedback–silence is most certainly not golden. The Eveready Express team thrives off feedback in order to improve the customer experience.

When it comes to “Delivering Peace of Mind” the Eveready team is constantly looking for ways to improve and cater to customer needs. Whether a transportation technique is working perfectly, or a logistical pivot is necessary, Eveready leaders are making it easier than ever to receive feedback from clients.

Most recently, we’ve updated our message delivery strategy to include more frequent social media posting, sending email newsletter blasts, publishing up-to-date blogs, and scheduling follow-up meetings. For Eveready, the first part of receiving feedback has been delivering thought-inspiring and informational messaging that elicits a response. What’s more, Eveready’s communication streams act both ways: allowing customers to share opinions via survey, message the company on social media, reply via email, interact with the Eveready website, and meet virtually or face-to-face.

Networking is the second and maybe most important facet of communication and feedback gathering. Last month, Eveready’s own Samantha Voorhees ran for the Express Carriers Association (ECA) Board Member Election and was voted on! The election was more important than any other year due to the “COVID Cancelling” of ECA’s industry conference. Eveready’s, Sam Voorhees was able to (virtually) connect with the ECA network of Transportation and Logistics industry professionals during a time where most were deprived of human interaction. What’s more, Eveready’s CEO, Keith Kirk was recognized for his competence and promoted to the Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA) Board of Directors. Eveready Express is a growing “power team” made up of individuals who are advancing the company and industry as a whole. These opportunities for networking have allowed Eveready’s leadership to gather feedback from similar businesses, their colleagues, and network of customers.

Eveready Express’ team is confident, hardworking, and adaptive whether they are working from home, providing contactless services, or operating back to normal (whatever that means). When it’s time for customer feedback–silence is not golden. Eveready team members cherish human interaction and the feedback that comes with it. This idea details one of our core principles for conducting business and always ensures that the customer is the team’s highest priority.