Courier Service: Package Transport with the Eveready Extra Touch

On the surface, a courier service can feel very similar to an ordinary mail carrier. After all, both couriers and regular mail services perform the same primary function: delivery of mail and packages. Yet the difference becomes clear when a slightly closer look is taken. Traditional mail is broad and available for public use, anyone can put a stamp on a letter and drop it off in the mailbox, but couriers are a specialized service and more personal service. Couriers, such as the ones that Eveready Express uses, focus on important factors such as communication, speed, and security, things which are not likely to be available with regular postal services. In this way, a courier can improve the quality of life, by offering peace of mind.

Of course, not everyone has had first-hand experience using a courier or messenger service, but we have all had to rely on the post office at some point. We all have likely experience the feeling of dread when dropping off a package with a mail carrier or at the post office and wonder if our precious package will make arrive at its destination on time or if the handwritten “Fragile” note that had been scribbled on each side of the box will be even glanced at. The sad fact is that same postal worker you hand over your parcel or letter to will not be the same person to deliver said package and likely won’t be able to communicate your concerns to the next person down the line.

This heart-breaking scene is one that can easily be avoided when using a personalized messenger service with companies such as Eveready. It’s easier to communicate your package’s importance when you speak directly to the same hands that will see it to the destination. It’s even possible to have a dedicated driver through Eveready which can help to create a sense of trust with the person you work with. Furthermore, for those residing in the New Jersey area, Eveready can offer special services to ensure safety for delicate packages such as blanket wrapping or even strapping down when possible.

Time, of course, is always a huge factor and that is where courier services can truly shine through. There are times when time-sensitive documents need to be delivered right away and for those times the postal office will often fall short. Next day delivery can be applied, but same day is not a service you can find outside of private messengers. For example, Eveready, being a seasoned shipping company, can pick-up a parcel by noon and deliver it the same day by 5:00 PM within the Tri-State area. Rush services can also be offered, and packages can be picked up and delivered to their destination within two or three hours so long as the road conditions are agreeable.

Of course, making the switch to a courier is one that works best for businesses, big and small. An individual person will likely not need to have such a specialized service, but for those running an established company or starting a new business venture having the security of knowing their documents and packages are given top priority for rush delivery can make offer a great deal of peace of mind.