Confidential Package Delivery

same day shippingWith confidentiality becoming ever more important in the package delivery world, it’s crucial to work with a company that not only values your privacy, but can still provide top-notch logistics services on a regular basis. Our blind shipment program is modeled for clients who need a line of secrecy between different suppliers, customers, and manufacturing points. Working as a middleman between a buyer and seller can be a complex web of different relationships and deals. Avoid the hassle by utilizing our blind shipment program.

Generally, services like this cost extra money. However, we are currently offering it for no additional cost under our Economic Stimulus plans. What are the benefits of utilizing this plan? Firstly, we maintain and control vendor confidentiality so you can manage relationships without the worry. When the shipment or package arrives, the label will have nothing about its origin except that it came directly from you. Like always, we provide automated emails so understanding the state of your shipment, from pickup to delivery, is as simple as a click. In the end, the real savings come because you are able to have a virtual stock of items from a variety of vendors without having to actually produce the overhead for stocking inventory or creating a manufacturer facility.