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The Advantages of Going Blind

Blind shipping is designed to allow you to ship directly to consumers without revealing the source of the packaged goods. It gives retailers the power to keep their supplier confidential by listing another company’s name in the return address form. Thousands of businesses regularly employ blind shipping without complication. The key to a successful blind shipping practice lies in ensuring that you hire a reputable and experienced package delivery service.

Eveready Express has perfected the art of blind shipping and provides a confidential and reliable blind shipping system to businesses for no extra cost as part of our Economic Stimulus Plan. How can blind shipping benefit your business? There are three key advantages.

Advantages of Blind Shipping:

  1. Client Relationships: Ensuring the confidentiality of your vendors allows you to maintain key client relationships with vendors and customers alike. Your customers see you as the reputable source of delivery and your vendors trust that you are not giving out their information. The result is a host of loyal business associates.
  2. Inventory Management: Using a same day shipping service like Eveready Express allows you to get goods to your customers without having to make space for rows upon rows of inventory. This prevents overstocking of goods and loss of financial capital. Eveready Express has made it so that the shipment you send will look as though it were shipped directly from you to the customer.
  3. Tracking Ease: Opting for blind shipping does not mean forgoing the ability to track and monitor your shipments. Eveready Express will provide businesses with automated emails that allow you to easily track your shipment from pickup to delivery.

Call Eveready Express to learn more about our Blind Shipping options.

Taking The Driver’s Seat with Eveready Technology

Technology was designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your life and business. Eveready’s state of the art technology puts the power at your fingertips with our online services. Customers can now take care of everything from placing an order with our same day shipping services to tracking an order’s progress and viewing customized reports without ever picking up the phone!

Business owners know that time is money. The less time you spend tracking a local trucking delivery, the more time you have for important business and personal matters. Eveready Express’s site gives customers the opportunity to complete their order online – from start to finish – without any extra charge.

Use our online order entry to give us the specifics of your shipping needs. Schedule pickup and delivery dates and times using your own personal address book. Our technology allows you to customize the order screen to include any of a number of mandatory fields. Once your order has been placed and a confirmation email has been received, you can follow your shipment’s progress with our own real-time tracking and proof of delivery services. You can even use the technology to find a proof of delivery for orders that were sent out up to a year ago! Never find yourself wondering where a package is again!

Finally, you can create online invoices that can be viewed, printed or saved in multiple formats. We can provide daily or monthly account activity information and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing the system is working properly while you’re busy living your life and managing your business.

Visit our site today to learn more.

Is Messengering For You?

Looking for a job that offers a different view every day? Tired of sitting at desk punching numbers from nine to five? Working as a messenger for a same day shipping service could be the perfect job for you.

Messenger services offer workers the chance to explore the world around them, meet new people every day and learn the ropes of your city while providing a stable employment environment. For those with a free spirit mentality, this might be the perfect position. Think it sounds interesting? Consider these three factors before applying.

Three Factors To Consider Before Applying:

  • Physical Health: Messengering is a physically demanding job, particularly when you work for a company that offers same day shipping. You will be expected to move quickly on your feet the entire day. Those with chronic medical conditions may find themselves unable to keep up with the demands placed upon them.
  • Organizational Skills: Are you naturally an organized person? Are you able to immediately prioritize a day’s itinerary? If so, working as a messenger or courier will suit you well. Those less organizationally inclined will struggle with ensuring that every package arrives when and where it is supposed to without complication.
  • Flexibility: Do you work best with a set daily schedule? Or, are you able to withstand unforeseen changes in the day’s plans? Messengering for a same day delivery service often involves last minute changes to the day’s plan. A successful messenger can tolerate this uncertainty without letting it throw chaos into the day’s mix.

If these sound like qualities you possess, visit Eveready’s website to inquire about openings.


Simplifying Travel With Advance Shipping

With the summer months fully upon us, many are preparing for the vacations they’ve been dreaming about all year.

Whether you’re planning on seeing the sights of Montana or Tennessee, ease the stress of traveling by shipping some of what you will need ahead of time. Or, reverse the process and send yourself a package delivery of some of the goods you pick up along your journey.

Airlines have tightened their belts. Carry-on luggage must now be kept to a minimum and there is an additional fee per every extra bag you check. Save yourself these costly travel expenses by bundling up your souvenirs before you leave. Box what you’ve found on your journey and send to your home or office with a local trucking service. This will ensure your prized memories arrive safely without costing you the extra luggage fees and the headache of trying to fit two weeks of memories into an already overstuffed suitcase.

Here are a few things to consider before shipping valuable souvenirs.

  • Will a trusted recipient be available to receive the package?
  • Are the items to be shipped valuable or breakable? If so, be sure to wrap them carefully and note their fragility when placing your shipping order.
  • Does your package need to be signed for? If so, be sure to specify who will be signing. Also, ask for a receipt of delivery to ensure it arrives and you are notified.
  • Are the items you want to send shippable by law? Some items cannot be sent via mail. Be sure to check with your shipping company if you are unsure.

There is nothing more frustrating than spending the last night of your vacation trying to cram everything into a suitcase that’s already overstuffed. Save yourself the headache and have your memories shipped while you travel.

Five College Care Package Necessities

With Summer finally here, it’s time to start planning ahead for the next big step in your beloved young adult’s (they’re not children anymore!)  life.  We know there’s a lot to consider when sending your kid off to college and it’s easy to overlook essentials for student living. At Eveready Express we’re about more than transporting material items — We’re about delivering peace of mind.

To help you and your shining student prepare for college life, we’ve made a list of items to include in a college care package.

  • Picture Frames –  College student’s love to put picture on their wall that remind them of home. Although some students might seem content with some scotch tape or a thumb tack,  picture frames are a great  (and potentially cheap) way to add fung shui to a dorm room.
  • Homemade Food – Nothing is more comforting to a student away from home for the first time  than your home cooked food made with love. Cookies, granola, and other dry snacks are a great place to start.
  • Toiletries – Sometimes something as simple as a package containing soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and other hygiene essentials are a great way to save your student some time and money.
  • Clothes – New attire is always a great way to kick off the transformation of stages in one’s life. New clothes can be both necessary and practical and can also serve as a confidence booster to a young adult trying to make new friends.
  • Cooking Supplies –  Cooking supplies are a notable investment to consider.  Buying food out adds up and school cafeteria food can be repetitive and bland. In addition, developing cooking skills at a young age will help prepare a student for living an independent adult life.

We understand that situations arise where shipping just can’t wait. At Eveready Express, we offer various courier options to best fit you and your families needs.


Shipping Important Documents with Our Courier Service

In today’s world, you can conduct a lot of your business online. With emails, electronic signatures, and strategies to encrypt important documents to maintain security, you can complete many of your transactions without ever touching a pen or a piece of paper. However, for the most important legal documents, digital copies will not work. In many cases, the only official form is the physical one.

Everyone needs to handle legal documents at some points, and these are some examples of the types of forms you may need to send, even if you do not typically handle legal matters.

  • Trust declaration and stocks.
  • Divorce papers.
  • Real estate deeds.
  • Partnership agreements.
  • Contracts.

You often need to ship important legal documents in order to complete your paperwork. Your papers need to arrive at their destination on time and without fear of being lost in transit so that you can obtain any required signatures and know that the papers are filed away in the appropriate place. A trustworthy courier service is the option to choose.

Hassle-Free Shipping and Reliable Delivery

Our courier service allows you to avoid hassle. You can call us to obtain a quote, and schedule a pickup online. We offer the following delivery services.

  • Same day shipping.
  • Next day delivery.
  • Courier rush – 2 to 3 hours, if possible
  • Courier direct – pickup with direct transportation to the destination.

To ensure that your package arrives safely, we also offer online tracking, proof of delivery, or POD, and the option to have your package taken inside to be delivered.

An Easy Service for Anyone

Even if you have no pre-existing account with us, you can depend on the rapid shipping that you need. You may be thankful for this during those times when all of a sudden you discover that you need to send legal documents quickly. This can be especially helpful for individuals who do not routinely handle legal documents, but find themselves needing to take care of business as soon as possible. You can pay by credit card without having an online account.

Same Day Delivery Courier: What You Should Look For

Offering same day delivery service is a promise that we make for our customers. When asking about our same day services, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

  • Experience: Experience and stability are key. Our years of experience prove that  we know how to do our job effectively. We want your trust. Check out our testimonials. See for yourself what we can do and what we’ve done.
  • Professionalism: When choosing a same day delivery service, you’ll need a company who will be ready when and where you need them. With our “Promise Time Commitment,” you have nothing to worry about.
  • Appearance: A professional appearance is essential. Our uniformed drivers are courteous and available for immediate communication, if needed.

So when it comes time to choose your same day delivery service, choose Eveready Express.

Smart Packing

There are dozens of things to do as you plan for your cross country move. You may be looking for a new place to live, work out your current utilities, say goodbye to old friends, make arrangements for banking, and of course, pack your belongings for the long journey. Here are a few tips that should make the process a bit easier:

  • Edit your belongings. Take a look around your home and determine what needs to go and what can be donated to charity. You may be surprised by the things you have been keeping around but don’t actually use. Moving is simply easier after you have edited.
  • Make a list as soon as you know you’re moving. Schedule tasks so they won’t all hit at the same time. For example, four weeks out schedule utility turn offs. Two weeks out, make sure you have all the boxes and packing materials you will need to safely ship your belongings. Several days before you move, begin to fill those boxes.
  • Provide adequate padding. It’s unlikely that you have ever heard anyone complain that their belongings were “too well protected.” Bubble wrap, newspaper, and old towels and bedding can all be used to wrap your items before placing them in a moving box.
  • Pack carefully. Just as you would not place eggs or bread at the bottom of a shopping bag, don’t place breakable items at the bottom of a moving box unless it’s going to be the only item in there. The same holds true if you’re packing your own moving truck. Make sure heavy, sturdy boxes are at the bottom and stack more fragile items atop that base. Make sure to secure all items with moving straps in order to prevent them from spilling over in transit.

Moving can be stressful, but it can also be exhilarating. A new chapter in life just waiting to be explored.

Ancient Shipping: The First Courier Services

Prior to the industrial era, being a courier was a much more labor intensive position. In fact, many ancient couriers used to deliver messages from one place to the next by running. Legend has it that in 490 BC, one of the Greek soldiers who fought in the Battle of Marathon, against the invading Persians, ran from Marathon to Athens to notify the people of Athens of victory. After announcing his message, he died of exhaustion. The distance of this run is said to be about 26 miles.

Couriers often made use of whatever transportation they had available. This might include horses, bicycles, or just their own two feet. There were some people who even successfully used homing pigeons to transport messages. Regardless of what method the couriers used, they all offered speed, making it easier for people to have their message delivered as soon as possible.

Ancient Courier Systems

Running, or at least walking, messages and mail from one location to the next was very common in the ancient world. Royals often employed their own couriers who were responsible for running messages back and forth for the king. Message might range from battle information to inviting guests for a meal. The system continued through the centuries and was used frequently during wars, including the American Revolutionary War.

The Modern Courier

Wells Fargo made its first appearance in 1852 to deliver packages, specifically in the newest territories and states. The Pony Express in 1860 served as a precursor to the eventual postal system. Today, courier systems use modern technology to get packages to their destination swiftly and securely.

The ancient art of courier systems was responsible for transporting messages throughout the ancient world. From information about battles to announce arriving guests, their role was crucial. Their work paved the way for modern courier systems that continue to connect society.

Technology and the Courier Industry

It’s no surprise that technology plays a role in basically everything these days. For us, we have our state of the art technology system putting you in the driver’s seat.

Our information system allows you to lower your soft costs by scheduling pickups, tracing deliveries, getting proof of delivery, processing invoices and tracking your costs and shipping activity.

As a result of these technologies, here are some of the service tools that we offer:

  • Online Order Entry
  • Online Tracking
  • Immediate Delivery Notification
  • Reports/Administration
  • Customization

So if you’re looking for a technologically advanced courier messenger service, you’ve come to the right place.